You Told Me Not To Marry Two Wives- Award Winning Radio/TV Personality, Kenny Keke Ogungbe’s Heartfelt Tribute To Daar Communications Founder, HIGH CHIEF RAYMOND ALEOGHO ANTHONY DOKPESI

Sanwo-Olu mourns media mogul, Raymond Dokpesi – Encomium


Dr. Your exit was rudely shocking and too sudden. It was designed by God especially your day of exit, well written. Who are we to ask why?

To God Be The Glory For A life Well Spent For Humanity as expressed by a lot of people, globally. Too many things to talk or write about but I will do few.

I remembered when I was your campaign Director General when you ran for Etsako North Senatorial District Of Edo State and you lost.You now asked me *WHAT* *NEXT* KenG ?My answer to your question was let us do *RADIO* and you said YES, let us do radio.

A few days later, we travelled to Los Angeles, California, USA to buy equipments without a radio license to broadcast. That showed how strongly visionary High Chief Raymond Dokpesi was and that became the birth of Daar Communications Radio and Television Legacy.

Listening and reading about how you helped and supported unknown and known people via the DAAR platform viz. News, Politics, Music especially Afrobeats (Nigeria’s latest music genre) Movies, Sports, Security, Health Issues etc gave me a sense of lifetime satisfaction and fulfillment merely for introducing broadcasting to you and what it has become today.

At the time my wife and I were looking for the fruit of the womb, High Chief called me and told me categorically that I should not marry two wives. He said he regrets being a polygamist. I told him I was not planning of having two wives and I’m grateful today I’m blessed with one wife and lovely children.

Also, when my mother died, you broke the news to me and I cried and you were very patient with me on the phone. You also taught me how not to cry in the public because you knew I am an emotional person. Trust me I have been crying since I heard the news that you left unannounced. Hopefully, I will be strong and remember your advice always.

I also remembered the day your wife, Chief Mrs Moji Dokoesi collected all the car keys from your drivers, Danladi and Yawu of blessed memories that you can not go to a planned party in Agenebode. It turned out to be a heated discussion and argument. So why looking for an escape route, I just pulled up at the Victoria Island house gate, quickly rushed to me and said you need to use the car. Who am I to say no? I came out and you drove off,all by yourself.

It was between Ore in Ondo state and Benin City that you were stopped by heavily armed highway robbers. Unknowingly, you used your left leg to activate the car’s security mode to have the car demobilised. The armed robbers were unable to steal the car after a lot of harassment and was left all alone in the car till the next morning when you were able to figure the car out.

Too many stories remembered but not enough time to tell. You were not just a brother-in-law but a close friend and a loving father figure to me. Still Unbelievable You Are Gone! Our Dear Doctor Is Gone!!!Keep On Resting In Paradise, Peacefully In The Bossom Of The Lord. Amen Adieu!

By Kenny Keke Ogungbe


(Brother To Chief Mrs Mojisola Dokpesi)


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