My Small Daddy With A Big Stomach- Life Coach, Ronke Taiwo, Eulogises Brother, Wole.

My small Daddy. Egbon me. The womb opener. Brother Wole. Akobi Iya me. Where do I start from?Maybe I should start from when I was a baby and you will throw me into the air and catch me or throw me as a ball into Tayata or Brother Sunday’s arm. I can start from the countless times you carry me on your neck and I feel taller than everyone around me.

I could continue with all the “fabu” stories you are quick to share when you come home for holidays from boarding school. I could talk about your jolly heart and your enjoyment mentality. Your quickness to help and kindness to everyone around you. You might not be perfect ( who is) , but my memory is only filled with all the good you do and are.

How you will hug me at every opportunity. How you will always reward me for every chore I’m sent. How your friends will always come around and our home was never boring. You and your friends will eat countless times and I will have to wash the plates. You will tell me “ku ise” and slip some money into my hands. The songs you thought me that you learnt from boarding house. Simon says competition during the holidays.

My small daddy with a big stomach. Eni ti mo jo. In looks, temperament and in voice( we both have loud voices)I love you and will miss you. Sun re Akande, omo alade, omo onile, Brother Wole or Braa wole, Wolex, Chief, Pharmacist Adeyemo, Oko Tola, Baba Derin, Awulun wulun, Wole kan Egbe kan. Its me your baby, you opened the womb and I closed it. I appreciate you as my brother. My gentle giant who doesn’t know how to lie. Its time to rest. Sun re oh.

The Baby,

Ronke Taiwo (Nee Adeyemo)


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