Fathers’ In Out- Remembering Director Of Golf, Matthew Emoghene Jacob From The Lens Of His Beloved Son, Muyiwa Jacob

Matthew Emoghene Jacob

In the corporate world, Muyiwa Jacob needs no introduction. With an enviable career spanning several organsiations such as the then EIB International Bank Plc, and now TOMOKIT Ltd, Muyiwa has distinguished himself as a professional of note. This has made him a recipient of several awards and recognitions.

Muyiwa Jacob

In all of these, Muyiwa credits his strong work ethics and high professional standards he is famed for to his father, Matthew Emoghene Jacob‘s influence, a man of many parts, more famed also as a golf professional being one of the founding fathers of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA).

In this edition of Father’s In Out, our August series of celebrating departed fathers and those we share strong paternal bonds with, Liveonmemories is featuring Matthew Emoghene Jacob from the lens of his beloved son, Muyiwa Jacob.

Matthew Emoghene Jacob

LOM: Kindly describe your father as you wish others to know.

A gentleman per excellence. Extremely accommodating, generous to a fault, happy go lucky, faithful and loyal friend, exemplary leader and employer, wonderful husband, fantastic father and an adorable grandfather.

(Wow, what a way to remember your dad. He was definitely a man of impact and we are glad you have fond memories of him).

LOM: How many years did you spend with him?

All my life till I got married. Even when I moved out to my place before I got married, I still saw him and my late mother at least three times weekly.

( Now we are really interested in getting to know more about your father)

Matthew Emoghene Jacob

LOM: What do you consider your father’s most important value throughout his lifetime?

Honesty and integrity. Those two values were never to be compromised under any circumstances. And if I am to describe his personality in three words, they are: Honest, Caring and Generous.

LOM: Which day spent with him remains your most unforgettable moment?

Everyday was memorable because of the kind of person he was. Our last christmas day together before his passage was one day we never imagined would not come again.

Matthew Emoghene Jacob

LOM: What was his favourite colour, music and mantra?

Favourite colour:

Music: Juju and Highlife

Mantra: Be true to yourself and everyone else at all times

LOM: What is the most significant impact your dad had in your life?

His accommodating nature, his happy go lucky nature, his generosity.

LOM: If you haven’t started, what plans do you have to immortalise him?

Continue to do the things that he loved and invested himself in: business, church, people and family.


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  1. Well done Muyiwa. He would be so proud. He was always the life of every party and his family meant the world to him. I have nothing but fond memories growing up at home, thanks to the love from both my parents.

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