I Strongly Believe You Must Have Been A Scorpio-Famous Pioneer of Autogele, Funmi of Abeke Makeovers Relishes Grandma Sarah Ajeyooyin Memories.

My dear grandma, the one who Daddy and I resemble the most.

The one who we got our entrepreneurial spirit from, the one who at over 80+ years old still used to insist that they drive her to her daughter (my aunty D’s) shop to sell, because as sure as God lives the customers will not buy until she arrives and gives them the price.

The one who my Owo Sibi (culinary skills) is from. Till today I’m yet to eat any Ewedu elegusi better than mine because its her recipe I use.

Heck all my yoruba soups are her recipes, (the only one I can never rival my mum on is the Egusi with water leaf soup ) don’t tell her I said so.

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*But I digress, Mama, Sarah Ajeyooyin Aya Ologbin, alias Iya alawo, ee ka iwe sugbon eka igba ori ( you weren’t educated but as you always said you read Common Sense)

Nobody could read body language more than you. *You gave me some of my most important hygiene lessons, I remember how you said “ If I ask you now you’ll say you’ve had your bath how come your armpit is this dark?”

And she took a sponge and went at it and showed me how to wash right to such an extent that now my best tops to wear are sleeveless ones just cos I’m proud of the work I’ve done there😀😀

Now don’t go looking for muscles you’ll only find Christian mother there but you get my point, she laid my foundation for the importance of clean “natural” skin.

*There are many things I could write about you, like how you always used to ask me to trim your nails and paint it up until you were about 90years old when you started reacting to the chemicals,

Or how the Lab Specialist was tripping for your tattoos ( names etc she had all over her body since she was young) although we don’t know your exact birthdate.

I strongly believe you must have been a Scorpio there were too many evidences to the fact.

You raised Daddy to be the amazing father he is to us today and because of that and many more reasons I may never be able to write.

We honor you this day which is exactly 1yr from when you left this Earth, we don’t grieve too much because God enabled us to give you your flowers when you were here with us.

We know you are resting in heaven where you are, enjoy mama cos you deserve it. # RIP

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Tribute by Funmilola Irantiola Olurinola

CEO Autogele by Abeke


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