You Are Forever In My Heart- Peaches and Cream Boss, Funmike, Eulogises Sadie In Commemoration of 9/11


Sadie, you’re forever in my heart, today is just another day to honor you publicly🧡.

I remember when you got the job at ‘windows on the word’ we were both super excited for you.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Windows on the World SADIE I. ETTE September 11, 2001 New York, NY USA'

Each time I came to NY to shop for Peaches n Cream Boutique then, you would always invite me over to have a free meal.

The security getting into the WTC was so so tight that honestly I don’t know why this happened.

Each time I took the second elevator from the 75th floor to the 110th where you were I would always have negative thoughts about something happening to the elevators and the building and my family back in Nigeria not knowing where I was.

I shared this with you a few times and we just laughed about it. Little did we know…

I was on my way from Cotonou, actually at the border when your brother called to give me the news about the attack on the WTC and we were praying that you would be late for work that day and probably stuck in the subway.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case and it’s 20 years today😭.

Continue to rest in peace Sadie🧡🧡🧡

Tributes by

Funmike Roberts-Quadri

CEO, Peaches and Cream


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