Ohhhh, I Found Your Diaries Rereloluwa


Today makes it a year that the daughter of media personality, Gbenga Aruleba, Rereloluwa, passed on, few hours after her 13th birthday. In an attempt to clear the room of the deceased, Gbenga discovered his daughter’s diary in which she gave full meaning to her name. He took to his Facebook page to pay her a glowing tribute. Read it below…

“Rereloluwa Apotieri Deborah Aruleba

“It’s exactly a year ago today that you left us, dear child. It’s been a whole 365 days without you. What a day it was, just about this time, when death sneaked in the early hours of the morning, hours after your 13th birthday, to take you away from us, your loving family.

Every time I played back those last hours, frantically trying to save your life, and the realization that at a time I was full of hope, you were actually losing the battle, the stings of the hot tears I feel in my eyes,…….

How I wished you had survived. Rereloluwa, we miss you, so so so much. Your place in the family is void. Your empty room confirms that after your mum cleared up the place. It was a job deciding what to keep in your memory and what to give out as you would have wished.

Ohhhh, I found your diaries, the one containing full transcripts of your favourite songs, and another one where you literally poured out your heart, starting with the full meaning you gave your name, Rereloluwa:, R for responsible, E for Exquisite, R for Reliable and so on. Hmmmmmm, what an incredibly intelligent child you were. We thank God for giving you to us. We thank him for the time He allowed us to take care of you. We thank Him for calling you home to become a guardian Angel for us. We thank friends, family and loved ones who have stood with us all these days to lessen our pains. Rereloluwa, Apotieri, keep resting on, my Precious Angel.”


Source: www.mytoridonland.com


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