International Model and Fashionista, Tolu Alao Sweet Tribute For Grandma- She Is Like A Model

100 Years a reality…

1920 to 2020…

A tribute to Alaojanet Titilayo

Great grandma has slept
A hundred years on earth
A life well spent
What a sting of death

Ever so kind very loving
A beautiful mind, super caring
Like a model, tall and elegant
Amiable and brilliant

Very Wise
Doles out Advise
Prevails in prayers
Mother…superior mother
One in a million
Can’t believe you’re gone

Interceding endlessly
Twelve, three, six, nine twelve
The prayer goes intermittently
Hardly thinks of herself
‘Twas like a dream
When we heard you had slept
Adue mama you are a gleam



Tribute written by

Tolu Alao









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