I Love You Just The Way You Are- RCCG Minister, Aikulola Olushola Celebrates Mum-in-Law


Reminscing on the first day I met you, your questions were “have you come to stay or to play for awhile”.

I couldn’t give a concrete answer but GOD lead the relationship on.

You are such a caring, loving and compassionate woman, who never give up on our excesses.

We bonded so well and you were exceptionally different,I found a grandma I never had in you and with you.

Youare such a succinct,neat, dedicated and praying grandma.

Always to feed everyone even when you don’t have enough.

Mami iya seki, you lived a good life not bothering anyone even when you needed most.

I met you 2003 December and till date I can’t say we sail without fight,we fought,yes we did,I disagree with you many times and we later bonded.

I love you just the way you are.

Your words were always prayer,and I learnt from you to always be sole dependent, you will always say”ma ne ra so fe oni e niyan”.

This are words I journeyed with while you are here and now that you have departed into the realms of the heavenly.

I wish I could take care of you better,but God knows best..

Keep resting, Grandma and our great grandma.

You came , you saw and you conquer..

With great love I accept your departure



Tribute written by

Aikulola Bodunrin Olushola







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