Colourful Coffins

Coloured Coffins. Creating Memories In Colour

Surely, after death, the next thing is usually a burial that can happen immediately or at a much later time. However, for the later burials, the first purchase is usually a coffin and the choice of casket is usually determined by the economic status of the bereaved or the family.

Coffins come in different categories depending on the type of wood or material used . Hence, there is the standard classic, wooden, toe-pincher casket. There are also other types such as Willow casket, Woollen casket, Sea grass casket, Cardboard coffin, Shroud, Bella Couche, etc.

Standard Coffin

A Standard Coffin

While choosing a coffin for a funeral might feel so surreal, many coffin  makers  have embraced the need to preserve memories in colourful ways, creating coffins and caskets in different hues and shades. An example is from The site parades a stunning view of different categories of coffins with bespoke artworks and illustrations of different multi-coloured designs, suitable for deep earth burial or cremation. These designs usually mirrors the outlook and disposition of the departed one.

Colourful Coffins

Colourful Coffins

If for nothing, the mere fact that these colourful coffins somehow, manage to lessen the morbidity that envelopes a funeral service, makes it worthwhile. Judging from the testimonials recorded on their sites and similar sites, I see the trend catching up soonest.