Award Winning Comedian, AY, Solemn Prayer For Parents Who’ve Lost Their Children-Give Them A Way To Honour Their Child’s Life.

Note: This post, which was culled from his instagram page came after the death of Ifeanyi Adeleke, the son of David Adeleke( Davido) and Chioma Rowland.

Dear Lord, we will never understand why you would give us a blessing and allowed the devil to take it so quickly.

No parents wants to outlive their children, and it’s really not fair on the few good people who do a lot to help others keep their own children alive, by giving them hopes for a better tomorrow.

This loss affects so many people. How do we even encourage them to move on?

How can we ever trust caregivers with our children when we remember the painful circumstances surrounding that innocent child’s death?

We all want to ask for forgiveness and continue to glorify you, even in our pain. You sincerely need to show Yourself to the parents and protect them from bitterness.

Give them a new purpose for living and a way to honour their child’s life. Give them the courage to trust you, to hope again, and to love again.

Protect them from living in fear and paranoia.

Judging by the things you have blessed us with, we know you are good, and you do good.

Protect us from evil people as we give you this tragedy to redeem in Jesus name. Amen!.


Ayo Makun( AY)


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