You Made My Life Easy I Forget You’re My Wife: Pastor Tope Popoola Immortalises Wife With Soulful Ode

God made an angel. He gave the heavenly being a human face so I wouldn’t be scared if I saw the wings concealed in a physical infirmity.

He called her Tomi and presented her to me.My number 1 prayer warrior, who stayed on the prayer tower while I went out to the field of my calling.

Dutiful mother who raised three champions with me and now for me. If I am five, she was six. How was I to know that this would be our last photograph together on this side of eternity.

We left home together happy and boisterous just on Saturday. One Saturday later, you brought out the wings you hid for 65 years, 33 of them spent with me, joined them with the wings of the wind and answered our Father’s recall.

In infirmity, you laboured.In pain, you soldiered still. With your last breath you trusted.I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, mother, friend, sister.

You made my life so easy that I sometimes forgot you were my wife!’Tomi, but for the fact that I know that angels don’t die, I don’t know how I would have found solace.

You fought a gallant fight. Goodnight my love. It’s hard to bear, but the One who sent you here recalled you.

I submit TOTALLY in gratitude to HIS will. We will see again. And if God ever permitted marriage in heaven and you are still single when I show up, expect my proposal again!


If tears would bring you back, Oluwatomiisin mi, I would cry me a river.If sorrowing could revive you, Oluwafunmilayo, I would mourn for many moons.

If sighing could do the job, I would freeze my smiles for several seasons.

When we had “THE GOD OF ALL COMFORT” with 2Corinthians 1:3-4 as our anchor text for our first three days of the month prayer and fasting program for September, little did I know that I was actually going to be the one who would need the comfort.

Who will I now look at with a frown in one moment and we would be smiling at each other the next? Who will it be who has no guile and no bile?

Who will stay awake all night for my sake when I travel? Who will put a piece of chicken, meat or fish in her plate and still end up sharing it with me who had more than double what she had?

Who will literally give an arm and a leg just to see me and our three champions happy?Who will take in so much physical pain and still send words of encouragement to others who have no clue what she was going through?

I am grateful and look forward to the Comforter Himself for required strength to get used to entering our home without you there.

I simply surrender to the counsel of HE who knows the end from the beginning!So help me God!!!

Tribute written by

Tope Popoola



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