Joseph Aisida Brought Dignity To The Teaching Profession-Renowned Educator, Yinka Ogunde, Reveals.

Joseph Aisida

Always, we remember you..
Today especially we remember..,..

We remember this time two years ago when we called your number wondering why nobody picked up..

Joseph Aisida brought so much dignity to the teaching profession.

The answer was took a bow and flew home to rest.
A gentleman who brought so much dignity into the profession of Teaching.
You left us with great memories
Memories of encouraging words
Memories of hope
Memories of your belief that Nigeria is a great nation.

Today, we once again celebrate the life and times of the Founder of the Executive Teachers group Joseph Aisida .
May the Lord continue to be with your lovely family, your wife Tara Martins Aisida, your children, parents and siblings…

We send flowers to heaven today in memory of a Special man who touched us all in unique ways .

Tribute written by

Yinka Ogunde

Speaker/Trainer at The John Maxwell Team and Consultant at Edumark Consult


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