I Have So Much To Write About You- Media Publisher, Adeola Oredola Tributes Dad

Indeed it is one year since you left us to join the SAINTS.

Baba Oredola, as I fondly called you… I am still finding it very hard to align myself with the reality of your transition on to Glory…

You are the book that I read which shaped my lifestyle and manner in which I take life challenges….I can’t forget how you showed me how to write as a young school boy…

Today, I have acquired all I have today through writing profession. While growing up, you instilled the fear of God in me … One of those beautiful moments, was when you took me to Oshodi to buy my secondary school textbooks.

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While negotiating with the book seller, suddenly, the Lagos State Environmental enforcement agents came to disrupt activities in the market, they caused serious pandemonium which forced everyone to run to different locations to avoid arrest.

At that moment , the little me was holding the book that has not been paid for, when I showed it to you , you insisted that we return it to the book seller who at that moment could not be found.

You took me back to that location where we met the book seller and waited until he returned to his stand and made sure I returned the book to the seller.

Although we made other transaction with the bookseller but you insisted that I return the book to him.You taught me not to be covetous…… The memory and lesson are still fresh in me till today..

Thanks for the sincerity, honesty and for teaching me that hard work pays. You were God-fearing , peace loving, philosophical, humorous, enigmatic and devoted to helping others.

Baba Oredola, despite your personal challenges, you ensured that your avuncular, sturdy and welcoming shoulder carried the burdens of community members , family, friends and colleagues at workplace.Until the last day you bid us farewell, you knew the date of everyone born in the family.

Weeks to your transition, you reminded me of your first born’s birthday.. You indeed are my Greatest Teacher Ever .

Thank you for giving me Education and a great Upbringing where hardwork pays .Thank you for being that vehicle that brought me to life and leading me to the path of Christ Your life experience, challenges and selflessness gave me dosage of encouragement.

Your life battles remain light to my spirit mindYou were an overseer of Oredola-Ekerin kindred and Oke-Amu Development Association.

I have so much to write about you, I am still putting my thoughts together , Maybe at your final Burial later next year, I will let the world know the Gem in you…

Till date, no one has said any ill-thing about you.

Daddy, rest awhile in the Realm of Glory, until we meet again by the side of our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ , where we shall part no more….

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