HRM, Oba Aikuirawo Aniyi Soulful Tribute To Uncle, Pa Joseph Asaolu

Aba Omode is Gone!

Yesterday, aba omode, that’s, my uncle, Pa Joseph Famoye Asaolu, son of Fasanmi Akoleiyan bidded this world a goodbye.

He was the immediate younger brother of my late father Pa Moses Kolawole Faniyi who died in 2013. Their elder sister, Felicia Ibidoja had died in 1998. With his death at about 97 yesterday, the great Akoleiyan Dynasty has lost the last of his generation.

His life is a telling story of God’s grace. He was the last child of their mother Ayanfunke, the daughter of Ajibulu. Ayanfunke died mysteriously about 95 years ago a day before the housewarming ceremony of a new house the husband had just completed. Little Asaolu was barely two years old then. Meanwhile, his father had two other wives, Ayanfunke was the second.

Baba lived a life of service to our kingdom, humanity and God. He was a devout Christian of The Apostolic Church denomination.

Like all our parents of his age, his greatest wish had always been that our lineage would return to the throne of our forefathers in his lifetime. He was lucky to witness my selection and coronation. He kept talking of how he would return home to tell his fathers that what they had laboured vigorously for, for four hundred years had finally come to past.

I have lost a father, uncle and counsellor.

I took this picture on February 5, 2023 when I paid, what is now, my last visit to him.

May his gentle soul rest in peace.

Tribute by

HRM, Oba Amoyinmade Aikuirawo Aniyi

Monarch, Enrimope, Ekiti Kingdom


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