Your Birth Was Not Ordinary- Memorial Tribute For Revd Emmanuel Alfred Oguntunji Oguntokun.

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Again today, I remember you.I remember you, Late Revd Emmanuel Alfred Oguntunji Oguntokun.

I remember you for a number of reasons:December 31, usually we celebrate your birth.

Your birth, was not just ordinary.It was purposeful and pre-determined by the Almighty. A birth that brought about growth of lives in God’s kingdom.

Your birth saved the perishing and rescued those that were neglected. It brought meaning to the hopeless and restored relationship with their Maker.

Through your earthly ministry, the strength of the weak was renewed and the weary re-energised. To us, you can never be forgotten.

You made an imprint that is indelible. That times can’t wash away. We can only pray that as you reign with the Lord.

May God uphold Mama Oguntokun and watch over your children.

#EAOOguntokun forever in our hearts!

Tributes by

Sola Osipeju


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