You Were A True Warrior- Garlands of Tributes for A Virtuous and Godly Mother, Mrs Sessi Lydia

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Yes she passed on the 27th September 2021, an Angel was taken, she lived, she didn’t just live she gave us life, she laid down her life for us, she went down so we can rise, she was selfless, she was virtuous, yes she was kind, she was peaceful, she was gracious, she was a good woman, she was strong,

yes Mama you were great, your personality was rare, you love me and my siblings to the end, you fought death so you can still hangout with us,

I saw it in your eyes even at your dying moments, you were a true warrior, Your sacrifices for us were 2nd to none, you made me know what it meant to be a true mother,

if I was to come to the world again I won’t mind coming through you again and again, you helped those you don’t know, you went the extra mile for them, you thought us what it meant to Love.

Mama I have many things to say about you and I know many who have met you can testify to all these.

The reason why I rejoice today is because you didn’t just do all that for us and humanity but you also recognized the true essence of Life, Jesus Christ.

Yes she gave her life to Christ, she served God in her own way. So I rejoice and am glad cos she’s in a better place, we will see her again in Heaven.

RIP to best Mother, Human, Angel that ever Lived.

You are forever in our hearts.

Please note we Rejoice🚀🚀🚀

Tribute by

Sessi Paul



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