The One Who Taught Me To See The Good In Others- CEO/Women Liberator, Olabisi Ajai, Eulogises Father, Sir Joseph Ajai 10 Years After…

Mr Ekuememe Ajai

10 years without you, JOPA. Chai.

My father, my first love.

The one that was the wind beneath my wings.

The one who said to me ‘omo akin ni e – do not cower in life’.

The one who taught me to be assertive and confident and humane.

The one who taught me that works of love are what Christ wants from us, and not just words.

The one who taught me generosity.

The one who taught me to see the good in others.

The one who taught me that humanity comes first.

The one who became a father and a mother to his children after his wife died young.

I told you that day you died, after you had been pronounced dead that if I was to choose a father again, in my next life, I would choose you. And you nodded. Even though you had been declared dead. You nodded,

Sir. I love you, JOPA. Aka fada. Aka Sajop. Aka Sir. I love you, Sir Joseph Oluseye Popoola Ajai. MSc. KCW.

I love you because you first loved me. I love you. I know you are proud of me. Daddy, I am not cowering. I am your omo akin.

I am JOPA’s daughter.

Omo korowa Omo tagbataOmo LegbelemiAra òkòOmo osile. Osile looko sangan.

Whenever it pleases God to take me, I shall be most joyful to be with you again.

I love you. Bukola Ajai Odumuyiwa, you photobomber! This picture was meant to be just JOPA and I before you squeezed in!!!


Olabisi Ekwueme Ajai 



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