Samuel Adeyemi’s Reflections On Pa Richard Akinjide- Baba Knows Too Much


I had the privilege of chatting with Pa Richard Akinjide on several occasions during the quarrelsome 2014 National Conference convened by President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja.

Baba was a peacemaker & gentleman.

Whilst tension rose to boiling point during the conference between the northern and southern delegates, Baba would maintain his seat, cool as a cucumber at the front row reserved for elder statesmen.

During break, while waiting for his minder, he’d regale me with fascinating stories of Nigeria.

Baba was an active player in Nigeria’s political scene since the first republic.

He was there during the first military coup.

He was there when the Acting President Nwafor Orizu handed over power to the military at gunpoint.

He was there at the tribunal and supreme court to deny Chief Awolowo the chance to ascend into the presidency.

Baba knows too much.

He has so much information & secrets about Nigeria.

Yet, he can’t reveal them. One of the reasons he failed to write his memoir.

During our interactions at the confab, he did most of the talking. In retrospect, I think I should have asked him some questions.

In all, Baba was a great man.

Good bye, Baba the law.

May God comfort your family.

Samuel O. Adeyemi


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