Read Babajide Fadoju Memorable Tribute to His Boss, Ex Gov. Abiola Ajimobi. He Called Me Son

Some situations warrant silence – an unbreakable, elongated kind of silence. One that should never be broken…ever!

The death of a father, a teacher – one who held my hand and shared himself with me is such an unimaginable loss.


Ajimobi didn’t have to know you, have an affiliation with you to lift you. All you had to do was be who you say you are and improve daily.

Ajimobi called me son. He’d usually say ‘omo mi ni wo’ in the presence of ‘Funlola Adesina.


The interview for my appointment was the first invitation to embrace this man and his person. I was there with Steve Ayorinde. The late Dipo Famakinwa was also there.

Oga died a fulfilled man. Much more, he lived a fulfilled life – one worthy of all emulation.


As a mortal like those who will say unpleasant things about him, he had flaws. Akanji ọmọ Ajimobi was as soft at heart as they came. Yes, he would not condone inefficiency.

He covered his softness with a lot of ‘first attacks’ to test your resolve. We loved it. It always ended with jokes and sometimes dinner.


Babajide Fadoju alongside Ajimobi

Ọmọ wọn lókè Oja Ọba òní làjú lè kí ìlú ó baje. That was the zeal that enveloped him. The zeal that moved him all of his life.

Ajimobi tí rẹ ibi àgbà n rẹ, one thing is clear. Abiola fi ipa rere lélẹ nínú ìṣàkóso ipinle Oyo.

Akanji she èyí tó ju

Ajimobi sá ipa tí ẹ ó fi èyí tó kú sílè.


The good that men do live after them. This is sure. Your death, Sir, is a painful pill to swallow but we take solace in the fact that you lived a good life and a befitting hereafter awaits you.


Ọmọ Ajimobi lókè Ibadan

Ọmọ Agboluaje

Ọmọ oji joru kerikeri

Ẹni owó bàbà rẹ ba tó kọ lọ mú wale ni lè bàbà rẹ.

Fare Thee Well. Father.


Written by

Babajide Fadoju

Ajimobi’s Special Assistant on Digital Media from 2015 to 2019.


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