Deaconess Ann O. Egbo

No Woman Ever Lost Her Child With You During Childbirth





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You lived for GOD and humanity.

You inspired many and brought joy to many families. You shook the kingdom of darkness and brought many to CHRIST.

We know you are with GOD almighty your creator. We LOVE you sooo much and miss your jokes,your determination to help even at the detriment of your own health.

As a mid wife of over 40years no woman lost her baby during childbirth. You’ll rather put your life on the line.

Mama you are one of the greatest human that ever lived on the surface of the earth, since you gave your heart to JESUS you never looked back.

You came you saw & you conquered. Words can not quantify how much we love you & miss you.

Rest on mama rest.

Olufemi Oruku


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