Maami, We Can’t Forget Your Favorite Song

Iya Ikeja
Iya Ikeja

For Maami, Iya Ikeja.

Exactly this time a decade back, a sun set that put smiles on her children, family and friends, an epitome of a motherhood conscience, a rare gem, a priceless jewel.

IYA IKEJA as u are fondly called, mummy, even though you have joined the saint triumphant, all your good deeds shall stand that test of time in the heart of your children and the lives you have touched.

Maami, your memory shall continue to linger in our heart, also we can’t forget your favourite song!!!!! Moo mo poludande mi nbe laye, o nbe laye, o nbe laye, moo mo poludande mi nbe laye, o nbe laye sibee.

Sleep on Deacones Mary Bolade Omoware Ogedengbe nee Omosola.

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ORIKI,,,., AKA MAMA IKEJA!!!!, Omo ewu elere, Omo asepo bu naje,

Omo okeruwu orifo, Omo rogun Maru mafon, Omo rogun Maru masa,

Omo eja wowo, Omo alaso kan ye sun sun gbin du, Omo alaso kan ye beran ije nigboo San pon, Omo Jesu Olugbala,

O digboseeeeee maami.

Farewell song!!!!!!!!!!.

Yeye omo tilo,yeye tilo o lai dagbere, omo I daro re o, o ba sehin waye o koya utu omo ita, yeye oninu ire,

oma digbose oooooo.

Helen Omaware Oged Iletogun


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