The Learned Silk Lived In The Reports- Ifeanyi Agwuncha

Dear Colleagues, a Mighty Iroko fell and the rites of passage to eternal glory has been unveiled. He is an institution. Words can’t describe him enough.

When you practice law actively for more than six decades you become part of the jurisprudence. Where do I start from? My dilemma!

In recent times, sometimes in 2007 there was a sensitive decision that emanated from the Supreme Court. That decision almost twelve years it was decided is one of the most talked about decisions in Nigeria amongst lawyers, academics and legal commentators.

Do you recall Okafor vs Nweke, decided in 2007 and reported in PT 1047 of the NWLR?
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That’s the case I am referring to. He was the Advocate who convinced the Supreme Court that a process must be signed by a Lawyer whose name is on the roll and never by a business name as was done by his adversary in that case.

Now I chose this decision for his recency for ease of recollection and grasp of his personality, as this is just one of his cases, a tip of his successful legal ice berg.

The Learned Silk lived in the Reports.

He argued tons of cases on several principles of law, many loci classici. He was exceptional and evergreen.

Elevated to the inner Bar in 1980.

An intelligent and conscientious advocate, a stickler of the Rules and one bereft of chicanery.

He was a Silk worth his onions in attitude to practice, skill and most importantly discipline, especially the power to say no to some cases regardless of the money that could be made from it!

I would have loved to write more. I am in crisis of where to start and where to stop.

You don’t exhaust a discourse on an institution on cyberspace in one update.

Such is the burden of discussing his excellence.

He lives on, forever he is part of our history and scholarship as members of the noble profession.

He ran a good race!!!

Adieu Chief George Rowland Ifeanyichukwu Egonu SAN!

Written by

Ifeanyi Agwuncha


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