I Didn’t Squander The Inheritance You Gave Me: Kabiti Brown Celebrates Father Five Years After.

Odo Oja Fine Boy, its been 5 years since you passed on and all I can still say is thank you.

Thank you for the values you gave us. Thank you for the education. Thank you for the decent inheritance, it was a relief at the time I got my share 😀.. and I am glad to tell you I did not squander it like a prodigal son. I’ve actually grown it in many folds 😊

Thank you for your DNA which gave us, your sons, your face and your voice which is now constantly screaming on the altar of the Adonai Tsevaot “Behold He comes… prepare ye the way of Lord” Thank you for teaching us the fundamentals of effective prayer techniques.

I wish you were here today to witness what the Lord has done for your descendants. I must say, the Lord has done so much for us – so so much.

Well, I believe you’re very much with us – perhaps that’s why I see you often in my dreams.

God bless you, daddy. Rest on till we meet again at the feet of Christ.

Tribute by

Kabiti Brown



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