I Am Grateful For The Love We Shared: Torumadei Otegha Bequeaths Hubby’s, Egbe John, Memories With Fitting Tribute


Words are not enough to describe how I feel right now.

You practically do everything for me. I cant remember the last time I went to the market. You were my best friend, father, adviser, chef, my engineer, errand boi, aproko and quarrel partner.

We were inseparable.
You showed me love so effortlessly for 10years.
Oh how I prepared myself to relax and keep enjoying you my shuga zaddy.

I didn’t know life had other plans😪
If It were possible to give you my life nothing would have stopped me.

Within May to July I watched as life was leaving you and I could not help till death took you away from me 10:15pm may 12.💔😭

Death did not allow us celebrate our 1year anniversary and our baby’s 1year birthday.

Death did not allow you see our angel as she grows beautifully.
Oh death has deprived me of celebrating your 34th birthday today.

You know how we do it….I would have planned one yeye surprised birthday that will end up not being a surprise again😃

My shuga zaddy I miss you every minute.
It’s been 2months I have not heard your voice.

I miss preparing our favourite meals.
I miss your calls, laughter, hugs, dances, singing and jokes. How can I say goodbye. It hurts every second thinking about it.

Pearl miss touching and playing with your beards😢
How do I explain all these to her😭. Some truths are hard to accept 😭

But in all I am grateful for all the love we shared.
Memories created that can never be forgotten.

Our love story was cut short but it was sweet.
We never got to make the twin boys we’ve always dreamed of 😍

I know you are not dead but in a higher place of love, watching over us.
Rest on sweet
Rest on my shuga zaddy
Rest on DaddyPearl


With love

From your wife

Torumadei Otegha


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