Yeye Egbenire, I Still Hear You Singing Hymns To God – Isaac Akinyele

Yeye Egbenire Akinyele

Yeye Egbenire Akinyele

Mama mi,today make it two years you left me and this sinful world to eternity, and since you left nobody could quite fill the vacuum you left behind in my heart.

Mama, I always feel your absence, missing you everyday. I remember your good deeds, how you made me fulfil God’s destiny for my life.

I remember how you made sure I was well fed and how you made sure I didn’t get carried away by the frivolities of growing up to abandon the faith that made you conceive me.

Mama, many times, I will hear your voice, singing hymns to God because you loved God and you loved singing to him.

Mama, I looked back, wondering how time flew, wondering how I held on these past two years without your constant prayers for me, and my family.

Your granddaughter, Nifemi, never stops narrating how you always insist she eats the hefty pounded yam and Egusi soup you place before her each time she visits you.

I talk about you every time, you are my icon that can never be forgotten, Yeye Omo.

Big thanks to God,and Kudo to you for your good deeds to me,Ona to fi han mi,,nibe ni mo ti se rere bayi o,I will never forget you forever.

I love you but God loves you more.

Sun laya OLUWA, ko si maa simi,till we meet and departed no more.

Your son

Pastor I.E Akinyele




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