He Was The Most Sincerely Altruistic Person I Have Ever Known-KOCVIS Coordinator, Yahaya Habib, Bids Father, Alhaji Baboko Farewell

Alhaji Yahaya Baboko


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Our dear Dad, Alhaji Yahaya Baboko passed away on the 10th of July 2021. Even though we knew this D-day was looming, I personally didn’t know it would come so soon. I was hoping I would have more time to get acquainted with the idea of death and what it means for those of us left behind.

Death indeed is the end of a journey and the tune we must all dance to, a transition we must all definitely experienced when it is time.

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The question then arises, what is the measure of a man? Is it the amount of affluence and influence he has? The wealth he accrue and the power he possess? Or is it the worldly success he achieved over the years?

I don’t believe it is any of these things. The true measure of a man is how much love he gives, how selfless he rendered helping hands to others, how consistent he lifts up those around him with kind words, good humours, compliment and listening ear or the very shoes off his feet.

Our dear Dad, Alhaji Yahaya Baboko was indeed a Father who impacted positively on the lives of all his children, individually and collectively. He thought us to be honest, hardworking and truthful. He gave it all it takes to educate all his children and gave them means of livelihood.

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May the Almighty Allah forgive his shortcomings.By this measure, indeed, Our Dad was immeasurable.We lost our Dad, but only in body not in spirit. This is by far the most painful heart-ripping and life-altering experience we’ve endured.

Our Father loved his parent so much that he set aside every 25th of December to always organize special pray for them, this is one of the legacy he left behind and I believe we will continue where he stopped.

He was the most sincerely altruistic person I have ever known and the most peace loving man.Alhaji Yahaya Baboko left an impact on every person he met, even strangers (who didn’t stay strangers very long because he was just so friendly).

The love my Dad spread on this Earth continues to grow and will live on, and I believe that is the ultimate measure of a human being.

May Almighty Allah forgive the shortcomings of Alhaji Yahaya Baboko and grant him Al-janat Firdaos.Ameen…..

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