My Dad Built The First Hospital In Ikorodu- Renowned Gynaecologist, Dr Dada Opens Up

Dr Borokini Dada
Dr Borokini Dada

Dr Bolanle Dada is one of Nigeria’s highly skilled gynaecologists in the country . He has over the years built an enviable record for himself as a highly principled doctor with strong professional ethics yet easily disposed to unusual kind gestures. He is the resident doctor of Ewushu Specialist Hospital and together with his team, has continued to offer medical services using international best practices.

In a chat with liveonmemories, he explains his love for the profession, his parents’ influence and why he has chosen to immortalise his father’s legacy.

On his profession?

I am a gynaecologist with over 20 years experience in both elective and emergency procedures and also inpatient surgical procedures. Over the years, I’ve attended to, treated and diagnosed other medical conditions and diseases in patients. I am also affiliated to┬áDr. Daniel Adjekpemevor of Esiri Specialist Hospital, treating reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Who are your earliest influence?

Both my parents. Although late now. But I love them dearly and I miss them so much. interestingly, both of them died in my hands. My mother passed away in 2002 while my daddy passed away in 2010. Essentially, both of them gave me the best any parents should. Food, clothing, shelter, values, name it. Whatever I am today, I owe it to my parents.

What is the origin of this hospital?

My dad built this hospital in 1975. In fact, this hospital is the first hospital in Ikorodu. My father was passionate about helping the sick and I think I took after him in that regards. He invested everything he had to the running of this place and it was only natural that someone within the family, who happens to be me, should continue where he stopped.

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A valedictory address presented to Dr Akin Borokini Dada at his retirement from the Ministry of Health in 1975

Why the name Ewushu Hospital?

My father, in naming this hospital, paid homage to his mother, my grandmother. His father had numerous wives but his mother, despite not learned, knew the importance of education. So she literally self-sponsored him with the proceeds of the beancakes she sold as her business, My father, also hawked the beancakes till he had to proceed to the university. So, when he built this hospital, it wasn’t such a tough decision to name the hospital after her.

Is there any mythological leanings about the name?

According to Ikorodu folklore, Ewushu is a name given to a female child who has a strong connection to the past years before her existence. My grandmother fell into this category and the name was simply given to her.

Are there plans to change the name of the hospital?

Oh no. Among other things, my father was determined to immortalise his mother and impressed it upon us during his last days on earth. And I have promised him I am going to retain the name as well as make sure the hospital retains the unique touch it had when he was running the show.

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Dr Borokini Dada- Founder Ewushu Specialist Hospital

The challenges of running the hospital?

Well beyond the usual challenge most businesses face such as insufficient power supply, the fact also remains that more hospitals have opened up in Ikorodu so, essentially the competition is high. However, we get by by the quality of services we render.

On sustaining the legacy he is building?

Well, I have fulfilled the wishes of my father. The hospital is still running. We give back to the community by discerning those truly in need in the hospital and helping out where possible. However, on whether the next generation will take after me, that is up to God to decide. None of my children would be forced to continue the practice. But if they choose to, well, the legacy simply continues.


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