Actress Uzo Osimkpa Tributes Her Daddy : Nobody Dared To Harass Us Because of You

Uzo Osimkpa Daddy
Uzo Osimkpa Daddy

And just like that it’s been a whole year since my daddy passed on.

We have survived it every how and it does get easier to bear, but it still burns and hurts.

Chief, we miss you so much! Mummy is fine, we’re taking good care of her, she still cries, (as do I), but she’s been so strong, it’s alarming.

Your grand kids still ask about you, they know you’re gone, but they also think you’re coming back.

Uzo Osimkpa Daddy
Nobody dared to harass us, and it is because of YOU, all the man that you still are and the legacies you sowed and left us and the universe.

We are taking care of everything you left in our care and each other.

It’s been tough I can’t even lie.

You knew something about everything and sometimes like before, I still want to call you to ask questions, get your opinion, share my victories and losses…

Keep Resting Our Angel.
Your Ulu Ukwu,
Nwanyi Ukwu Osimkpa.


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