When Is Dad Going Back To Akure? As Asked By Lifestyle Blogger, Funmi Oke

Titus ilesanmi Oke
Titus Ilesanmi Oke
Seeing calls from mum scares me , I prefer to call ,speak to mum and dad and feel okay , anytime I see calls from mum, my heart skips . the first things I ask were ‘ how is daddy doing  ? Give the phone to him ‘
Words cannot express the shock I had on hearing this sad news. It was 7.55am on Friday, Dec 9, 2016. I had just clocked out from work when my sister called me. She didn’t tell me exactly what was wrong, but I could tell from her voice that all was not OKAY. Immediately i called my brother; i will never forget what he said “Haa daddy ti ku” Daddy is dead……..I cut the call, picked my purse ,put on a street slippers and dashed out amidst tears. Where I was going, i did not know. I shed tears uncontrollably, my dad is gone . It is difficult to believe.
Bimbo, sister to Funmi Oke
From my Sister, Bimbo Oke……
I went straight to OSUTH at 6pm , I knew i couldn’t ask the the doctors or nurses at the emergency ward ,i went straight to the gate of the mortuary ,I didn’t know if i should enter and ask about him there . Could my own father be with the dead here ? Should I check the ward first maybe he is under intensive care ? But Niyi told me he is gone .I was confused .I won”t go home until I see my dad no matter how late .
I entered the mortuary ,” good evening sir ,I am asking of my dad ,they brought him this morning ,
‘Whats his name ? Titus ilesanmi Oke ‘ The attendant checked his register and I saw my dad”s name staring at me .
The attendant : Madam ,he has been put inside ,inside o ,will you be able to enter ?
Me: yes I will ,why ? I have to see him ‘
The attendant : madam if yOU can bear it ,you will pass through dead bodies o ,he is actually inside o.
I replied no problem . Then I followed him ,…….. I had to pass through lots of dead bodies uncovered on the floor in the first room ,I guess those were unidentified bodies and those who didn’t ask for embalmment . Alas ! I got to the room dad is ,only dad was there , naked ,I started caressing him ,touched his arms ,legs ,cheeks in tears ,the attendant was comforting me ,he went for a cloth to cover him.  I didn’t want to leave ,I found my legs weak , I cried like a baby.  The precious one is gone !
Bimbo Oke
Let me tell you about my daddy…..
Daddy was a well known disciplinarian  , he provided for us and never allowed us to lack anything.  He would travel all north to west with his car boot filled with food stuffs for his family , from yams to bags of rice ,Hausa mangoes ,lots of fruits and bush meats .We were the medium butterfish type who had averagely ,not too rich but never poor .
As an educationist and a disciplinarian , he would make sure he ticked down exercises in our textbooks to solve and we would play thinking he won’t return sooner . We would forget we were given works until he returned and we would run helter- skelter trying to solve over 100 arithmetic given us in a long space of one month . Off course we wouldn’t be able to make it and he would knock our heads and punish us very well . Whenever he is returning to his station, we would sing and danced lol . Dad was a toughie .He wanted his girls to be Lawyers especially me lolz3
We didn’t lack , we were brought up in a decent environment ,well furnished apartment ,we were put in good schools in fact he made sure all of us attended the best secondary schools . We are four girls and one boy and he treated us same way .
I remembered when dad returned from his station as a usual monthly thing and we didn’t expect him ,we greeted him and ran inside the room .Of course he would be calling us one by one for one thing or the other . We were all inside murmuring why dad came back to check us so soon, everybody struggled with the assignments  and when mum came to peep us in the room and we all chorused this question to her ‘when is dad going back to Akure ?’ She replied, your dad that just came this night ? Unserious children, she mocked us and left .
As tough as he was, he loved his children ,no man must toil with his Girl-Child !  There was this day some senseless boys in the neighborhood mocked me about my new hair do (it was dreadlocks). If I could remember, i was in part three then in the university (300 level, big girl o). I ran inside crying and dad got up, went outside to look for them probably to fight them. Those boys ran away on sighting him . Dad protected us . You touch his girl child ,you will land at the police station .
The vacuum your death has created is so wide that I do not know how and who can fill it. However, we take solace in the wisdom and uncommon sense, love, kindness, forthrightness, integrity and all of which you bequeathed on us.
My daddy ,when I spoke with you on 8th December , little did I know that it was the last time I’ll be hearing from you. Death is beyond man. I will really miss you!
I wont say good bye Daddy!  It is hard for me ….. My Great Friend!My Great Hope Builder!! I love you so much daddy !

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