Thank You Daddy For The Hard Lessons

Dearest Dad,

It’s exactly 52 weeks today that you departed this sinful world to take a rest in the bosom of your Lord.

Events leading to your demise remain alive in my memory owing to the rare opportunity I had in sharing those last days with you. The best was the opportunity I had to share the same roof with you after almost 19 years.

As you breathed your last on my hands, the world appeared to have turned upside down but I was consoled when it dawned on my spirit that you were taken away to meet with your God.

Good night Daddy.

We your children remember you everyday of our lives and thank God for giving you to us as a father because those hard lesson you taught us were the major reason to be who we are today.

We are proud to be called your children.

Keep sleeping on in the bosom of your God till we meet to part no more.

Your loving son

Olusola Anthony Duyilemi


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