Fifteen Years On. Apostle J.A. Agbona Still Lives

Founder CAMC
Apostle John Ajayi Agbona. Founder CAMC Worldwide. (1920-2001)

To live is not to die in the hearts of those who never forget the impact and worth of a person even when such has bid the terrestial farewell and departed into the loving embrace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Founder CAMC
Apostle J.A Agbona

For the past fifteen years, worshippers of Christ Apostolic Mission Church Worldwide has not failed in celebrating the life and times of the founder of the church, Apostle John Ajayi Agbona. And this year, the tradition has continued with the waves of tributes cascading at the memories of the Ilawe Ekiti born  founder who defied all odds to emerge as one of the fathers of christian faith in contemporary Nigeria.

Born in 1920, there was no inkling that Apostle Agbona was ever going to rise to prominence. His upbringing was fraught with lots of unpleasant eventualities which saw the late sage riding on the wave of the misfortunes to encounter the power of the Almighty God.

Immediately he encountered God, especially through the healing of a cancerous wound on his leg that defied all known treatments, Apostle Agbona gave himself to serving God without a thought of looking back. He started off as an evangelist and later was ordained as a pastor. He also found a mentor in Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola of the famous Christ Apostolic Church ( CAC) who imparted in him spiritual insights that enabled him to scale new heights in the journey of faith.

Apostle Agbona would later go on to begin a humble ministry under the direction of the Holy Spirit which had become known as Christ Apostolic Mission Church, CAMC. This act of faith metamorphosed into a thriving ministry with Apostle Agbona leading the church faithfully and diligently until the Holy Spirit ministered to him to hand over the leadership of the ministry to Pastor Adesoji Ajayi JP, before his eventual departure from the world in 2001.

In keeping with the tradition of keeping the memories of Apostle John Ajayi Agbona alive, the management of the church, penned this beautiful tribute to him, signed by the President, Pastor Adesoji Ajayi JP

‘It has been fifteen years, yet we still remember you, as no day passes without a thought of you. We will continue to admire the legacies you left behind which will always be cherished by us.Your spiritual endowments, courage, strength and dilligence are a few of the many qualities that made you a rare gem. You were a father indeed’.

Founder CAMC
Apostle J.A. Agbona( Fifteen Years Remembrance)

The tributes continue:

‘As our spiritual father you will remain indelible in our hearts. May you continue to rest in the bosom of the Almighty God, Amen’.

No doubt, his life impacted everyone who came across him. From the very first set of worshippers in CAMC, to the recent additions to the ministry, the story of how Apostle John Ajayi Agbona emerged to become a beacon of hope and a promoter of Christian faith and values in Nigeria will transcend to eternity.

 His memories are fondly remembered by the President, CAMC Worldwide (Pastor Adesoji Ajayi JP), The Clergy, Management, Elders and Deaconesses and the entire congregation of CAMC Worldwide.






  1. Baba Agbona your memories can never be forgotten, sleep on till we meet @ D Lord feet.i am so glad I passed through your ministry. Baba Adu……..ilawe….. Ekiti.

  2. Baba Agbona gave his all. His life impacted everyone. His life made it possible for many to come to Christ.

  3. He was a great man. His great work can not be quantify. Through the grace of God, Baba Agbona has been able to produce great men and women and that are doing great things all over the world which I am one of them

  4. Apostle John Ajayi Agbona forever in our heart…d founding father of a great church and ministry Christ Apostolic Mission Church…proudly a member

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