You Used Your Position As An Immigration Officer To Save My Boss From Extortions- Abisola Akintuyi’s Heartfelt Eulogy For Mother, Janet Akintuyi

Who passed on to glory September 9 1995.

Dear Mother,

Your death still leaves a deep wound in my heart even though it is 28 years today.

Your love ,care and humanitarian nature to all who are in your sphere of influence still amazes me.

Not too long ago, my boss made a public declaration of your goodness to the staffs during one of our meetings.

.She said you used your position as an immigration officer at the international airport to consistently save her from the too many extortions from those fraudulent airport officers of those years.

She said she travels frequently then for business purposes, but the airport officers made it difficult for business people in those days.

She said you always stood by her anytime she lands Nigeria even though it was tough to face those corrupt officers.

I am hearing this other version of you for the first time.

I Am so proud to have you as a mother.

Rest in peace mummy.

I will always continue to love you and keep your memories alive.

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Abisola Akintuyi



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