You Sent Me A Post A Post Last Month About Not Fearing Death- Bola Atta, CEO UBA Foundation, Soulful Tribute To Friend- Olaolu Mudashiru

A tribute to my dear friend Olaolu Mudashiru(Dr. Bob)

I am writing to you Olaolu as though you can read this because you would always send me a text after my posts.

We met about 20 years ago and my puzzled question to you then was ‘why would you spend all those years at med school and turn to finance’.

You explained with your usual eloquence that you wanted to do what you loved. You lived your life passionately: family; spirituality; work; friends; cycling. You engaged life! You sent me a post last month about not fearing death so I know you were not afraid at the end.

Thank you for being a really good friend. During lockdown you would send me a text every single morning to find out how I was doing. You often asked about my aspirations: ‘So Bola, what’s next. Let’s plan’.

We lived 5 minutes from each other and had been planning to meet up all year. We never did. No more missed lunches!

I will miss you Olaolu, my friend and brother.

Thank you for these images you sent the day before you left.

Adieu Olaolu, go well with the angels. Sun re.

Bola Atta on LinkedIn: A tribute to my dear friend Olaolu ...
Tribute by Bola Atta

CEO, UBA Foundation/Group Director, Corporate Communication at UBA


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