You Trusted Jehovah To Teach You How To Raise My Siblings And I – Prince Aanuoluwapo Awojobi

Mrs Elizabeth Morenike Awojobi

How time flies
Just like yesterday, It seems I was holding your hands
Remembering all the wonderful memories we spent
They were nice times, we had wonderful memories

You gave me my first start, you held my hands
You trusted Jehovah to teach you how to raise my siblings and I
You were there for us, you never lacked faith to go on.

I remember the years of toil, you made we sure we were full
We never lacked
Your time
Your love
Your resources
And the hope you had in us that we will turn out right.

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Mrs Elizabeth Awojobi

Jehovah gave you wisdom and you kept your home
Your husband was loved even when you were tried
Your kind soul shone and your in-laws kept eulogising you

Many women have come and gone
But my mother was a gem, a rare gem, a wonderful gem
She was my all, she gave her all.

I know we will meet again. I know Jehovah will raise you back to life
I look forward to seeing you in resurrection
In paradise
Where there shall be no more pain and death
Where we shall live for ever for ever.

Prince Aanuoluwapo Awojobi


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