The Shoe You Left Behind Is Too Big For Anyone Of Us To Fit Into- ED Media Reach OMD, Yinka Adebayo’s Riveting Testimonial For Advertising Expert, Tolulope Ogunkoya

Regional CEO, Media Reach OMD, Mr Tolulope Ogunkoya

How do you start writing about the exit of a Boss who is also a brother.

A Leader who also like to be led. A Teacher who also enjoys being taught.

He gives you wings and derives so much joy in seeing you fly high; and just when you taught it’s high enough, he challenges, encourages & supports you to go even higher.

The last 2 weeks have been most most touchy & overwhelmingly emotional. It brought to reality the truth that I have been silently running away from for almost 2 months – Tolu is GONE!

He always has everything and anything under wrap except death.

A thorough bred professional with high level of emotional intelligence and keen eye for talents particularly the hidden ones. He believes so much in attitude over altitude and never shy from rewarding same exceedingly.

A leader who leads from the front and ensures his troops are well groomed, guided & guarded as long as they stay “in line”. He matches talents with rewards and ensures absolute fairness in dealings with all.

A lead player in the publicity industry but is publicity-shy.
He believes strongly that the voice of your works should be louder than the voice of your person.

A stylish man with outstanding height which is commensurate with his intellect, ambition, dreams and of course, achievements

TO: It is difficult to believe you are gone. You always say: “if you don’t know where you are going, anywhere you reach is home”. You are always clear in your thoughts and I know you know where you are going.
Is it therefore safe to conclude that you’ve gone home?
Home to rest after a job well done; a mission accomplished. Away from the briefs, the deadlines, the presentations, the meetings, and the challenges of this World.

In the last couple of months, you’ve always encouraged us to carry on with or without you. We taught it was as a result of the demanding national assignment entrusted to you by the Federal Government. We never knew you were preparing us for the unexpected. It is indeed shocking.

Much as we would have preferred to have you around for much longer, we cannot question GOD.
The office now looks empty and bigger than its size. It’s easy to notice that something big is missing.

The shoe you left behind is too big for anyone of us to fit into. We can only hope & pray for God’s divine wisdom & guidance to carry on.

The tributes both local & international have been most overwhelming. We taught we knew you, but from what we have heard, you were indeed bigger than we could ever have imagined.

We are consoled by the fact that you lived a purposeful life of positive impact across board.

Rest on, rest well TO till we meet to part no more. Adieu!

Tribute by

Adeyinka Adebayo

ED, Media Reach OMD


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