Remembering The Quintessential Wife And Mother- Janet Adedoja Akintuyi

Janet Adedoja Akintuyi. (1959-1995)

Janet Adedoja Akintuyi nee Ayoko was born on May 9, 1959 in Oka-Akoko, Ondo State to the family of Mr and Mrs Gana Ayoko. She attended her primary and secondary school in Oka Akoko, where she excelled in her academics and interpersonal relationship. As the first born and first daughter of her mother, she took her leadership responsibilities seriously, ensuring the well being of her parents and her four siblings. Growing up in the early post-independence period, she was determined to make her mark in the society and she combined her academics and domestic responsibilities with all diligence.

Janet Akintuyi later left Oka-Akoko for Lagos to utilize her academic knowledge to seek for greener pastures. Her cheerful disposition and strong work ethics paved way for her to secure employment with the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in 1979. She later got married to Mr Richard Akintuyi in 1980, and bore for him five children.

As a civil servant, Janet Akintuyi served her country to the best of her ability. She was at different times posted to different sections of the NIS such as the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Alagbon, with a transfer to Abuja in 1991. She earned several commendations from her colleagues and superiors and was described as “a very thorough and dedicated staff”.

At the home front, Janet Akintuyi was the perfect mother and wife. She combined her career with her home and ensured that none was suffering as a result of the other. She had her husband complete trust and confidence and even when her work constrained her from staying the night in her home, her husband was never bothered due to the trust he had for her.

She was also a reference in her neighbourhood on account of her simplistic and warm personality with which she related to all. So many of her neighbours still remember her as an easy going woman who always had a pleasant word for anyone who came in contact with her.

She equally commanded the attention of her brethren at Christ Apostolic Mission Church, Intl Hqrs, Idi-oro, Lagos. She was a member of the Egbe Omo Obirin rere and she was fully committed to the expansion of the kingdom of God with her time and resources. At all times, where necessary, she would stay behind with her husband after church hours, to support his duties in church administration every Sunday.

Janet Akintuyi, on September 9 I995, passed away after a two year battle with breast cancer in her hometown in Oka-Akoko. She left behind her husband, children, mother and siblings.



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