It’s A Rainfall Of Tributes For A Loving Father, Revd Olumide Olukoya

Mr Olukoya

As a breadwinner and provider himself, Ayobami Olamiji Olukoya really knows the invaluable contribution of his father’s physical, emotional and intellectual impact in his life. Today, five years after the demise of his father on November 3rd 2011, Ayobami, together with sibling, Omolabake and relative, Revd  Kehinde Olukoya, has penned this sweet tribute to a very engaging, charming and never can be missed father, husband, brother and lots more, Revd Olumide Sanyaolu Olukoya.


Olu’k u are indescribable incomparable.
With u there was no dull moment.
U were to me more than a father.
U were everything I wanted be.
A shining star u were.
My role model, my faithful friend who never denied me of his true love. Ur wish was to give me all. Indeed u did.
If you have to, u could bring the whole world to me.
U love me so much, and
U showed me the path to walk.

U thought me the way of the Lord and your love for God was I controvertible.
This is five years. It is yet impossible for me to come up with the accurate words and composition to describe you and the love you shared.
I am still trying,trying.
Trying but yet words fail me.
Daddy I love you and Miss you dearly.
You left us too soon.
If I have to come again into this world, I will choose you as a father. Rest on!

Ayobami Olamiji Olukoya

Hmm….. What a day dated back to NOVEMBER 3rd,2011 saw him that Morning and in the evening was no more… It still remains fresh in my memory how you left me here in this world, but one thing am happy about your spirit and conscience is still alive and enjoying the bossom of the Lord and am so sure that we will meet again when we have changed into an incorruptible body that can never die….. I miss you so much…. Rest on DAD

Olukoya Omolabake Sandra

Missing you is no longer the right words but remembering you today my dear brother. There’s no day in the last five years your memory did not linger even your appearance in my dream this morning. We all love you dearly. Your labour of love shall forever be remembered by ALL OF US (GBOGBO WA).

Revd Kehinde Olukoya

My father-in-law was an amazing man. He knew how to light up a room and as soon as he makes his presence known, people gravitate to him like moths to fires. It was just who he was; unassuming, kind and quite empathic.

Timilehin Olukoya


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