No Better Investor Than Mothers- Actor Yomi Fabiyi’s Ode To His Mum





Practically I used this brush for another 1 year after she passed on.

When she was alive and living with me. If she misplaces her BRUSH, I simply ask her to use mine.

As an adult, that was one of the things I have as evidence of physical bonding with my mother, my way of worshiping my mother.

I miss my mum and it will take a lifetime to get over the pain.

I wish all good mothers live forever or a little over 80yesrs before anything death.


Yomi Fabiyi reveals he and his mum used to share toothbrushes and he continued using her toothbrush for one year after her death

No better investor, loyalist and backbone better than MOTHERS.

Let me use this medium to appeal to those who have their mother’s tombs in sight. Saw some tombs at the cemetery and look like their children didn’t know it is destroyed, untidy or practically abandoned.

Going there to pray and say some words once in a while especially during anniversaries can be impactful.

The TOMB know the truth and stand by the truth than any other. Consult it when in tight corners, just be honest with your supplications.

Yomi Fabiyi

is a notable actor, director and producer in Nollywood. He has been in the industry for over a decade and he is known to have produced several award-winning movies.


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