My Dad Was A Jokester. He Was Always In Good Spirits.- Hamzat Yusuf Shares Memories of Father.

My dad was an incredible man.

He provided for his family and made sure his children had the guidance they needed. I am grateful for my dad and I miss him every day.

”“Today I am remembering my dad and the great memories we shared. He was one of a kind and my best friend. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and smile.”

“My father was my biggest fan and my greatest role model. I could call him at any time and he always has a solution to my problem. Life is different without him, but I am grateful I got to call him my dad.”

“When I remember my dad, I smile each time. He was a jokester and he made us all laugh. He taught me not to take life too seriously. He was always in good spirits, even until the day he died.”

“My dad was my hero. He was the most courageous and resourceful man. I never questioned if he loved or cared for me because he made it so obvious.

I still feel him with me each day and I am living life for the both of us now.

Tribute by

Hamzat Yusuf Ajibade


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