Mummy, Your Love Transcends Time And Space

Janet Adedoja Akintuyi

So mummy, it’s been twenty-one years without you.

I had wanted to write a lengthy tribute, to tell you how far I have come, growing up without you.

I had wanted to tell you, how my siblings still manage to weave you in our conversations as if you left yesterday.

I had wanted to tell you, how your husband still cherish your memories, and refused to make another woman take your place.

I had wanted to tell you how my eyes swell in tears when I see the banters and camaraderie that exist between mothers and daughters.

But mummy, I would only be stating the obvious.

So, I’ll rather ask you how you managed to be all you were to us.

Thinking back, I think it is safe to say you were my inspiration, to become a better you. You were the epitome of grace, the neighbours still testify. You navigated your way around your relatives and in-laws successfully( I’m yet to hear any complain). You were the perfect lover , the quintessential mother( oh, I’m still stating the obvious!)

Growing up wasn’t perfect I must admit. It was fraught with the usual challenges; troubled adolescence, misunderstood relationships and well the empty space you left gnawing ferociously at my sanity. But through it all, the image of you, calm and poised, always steadied me.

How did you manage to remain unruffled even in the face of a storm? You never lost your cool even when the odds were against you( though such times were rare). I don’t remember you ever raising your voice against us. I’ve tried and can’t think of any.

So, I did not end up with your dominant personality though. I must have picked that from your husband. But you’ ve taught me more. And because of you, I will always know that the best way to a man’s heart is more than through food or sex. I will always carry the reminder that a mothers love transcends time and space. It never dies. It’s ever alive.


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