Mama, You Promised To Teach My Children How To Dance- Nigerian American Musician, Jemiriye, Riveting Tribute To Godmother, Kadiatou Konte- Forte

Kadiatou Konte- Forte
Kadiatou Konte- Forte

I’ve been in denial, I just refused to let you go.

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I’m so sorry mama, I’ve not been strong enough to write RIP, cos it feels so surreal. I’m in tear, my heart aches, I’ll never remain the same, this pain is very painful.

Who’s going to pick my call and say “Hey baby”,Who’s going to tell me the truth without holding back? Yet very motherly…. Who’s going to organize those beautiful surprise birthday parties with all the food cooked by you with love?

When I met you almost 10years ago, you didn’t know me from nowhere, but music brought us together and you opened the door of your home to me.

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I lived with you for years, you poured your spirit freely into me. I saw your other side, the side not so many people were privileged to see. You were very soft on the inside. Extremely caring.

You’ll lay me down naked, while applying the menthol cream from the crown of my head to the soul of my feet, then cover me up to sleep and sweat when I catch the cold or fever, then you’ll prepare a special meal for me to eat and feel better.

When I’m out and about, you’re in my room, cleaning and arranging everywhere before I return. I’ll miss our beautiful mom and daughter time together in the Jacquie, the sauna, steam room and the gym. I’ll miss your priceless laughter and giggle like a child.

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I’ll miss your visits and sleep over at my home. America will never be the same for me.I gained a mum. You taught me a lot. You taught me patience, you taught me forgiveness, you taught me how to deal with people peacefully. You showed me humility.

I remembered when we were both having our little misunderstanding, we both cried when I came down to tell you how much I missed you and I didn’t want to spend another day being mad at each other. We both hugged and cried like babies, till I fell asleep in your bedroom.

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Mama, you promised to teach my children how to dance💔. You promised to be there. I was so sure you were going to fight, seeing you down at the hospital this past year has been the hardest thing for me. But I guess Allah needed you to dance with the angels and your work was done on this side.

You gave your all!!I hope I make you proud, I hope I keep exhibiting your legacy wherever I go, I hope the world sees some pieces Mama K through me.I love you forever Mama Kadiatou Konte- Forte.

I miss you forever.

The greatest Dancer ever!

Goodnight my beautiful godmother 🕊🕊❤️🕊🕊

Rest Easy Queen Mother

Tribute by

Adeniji Jemiriye



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