Her Last Breath Wasn’t A Wisp Afterall


These days, I believe I need to give my dad so much accolades.

The man tried ehn
No be small

23 years without his darling “aya ojiaraba”
The wife of his youth

And I’m thinking, do we still have this kind of love?
Where even death has no power to break the bond

I need whatever she had
To have kept this man love struck

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I remember her unassuming ways
Her below a whisper tone
Despite being an immigration officer

Mother was kind
To all

We still harvest the seeds she sown
Bountiful harvest if you wish to know

How do you celebrate a woman long gone
Yet never forgotten?

When her lover tells you
That her last breath wasn’t a wisp after all

Janet Akintuyi
23 years left with your memories

9/9 will always be a day
To celebrate your life, times, and memories you gifted us.

Still your daughter



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