Her Love For Nature Took Us On A Tour Of Ebute- Oni River- Tourism Officer, Yeye Beatrice, Extols Grandma Anifatu’s Nature’s Vibes/

As I listened to the lyrics of this track….I cant but remember my Paternal Grandmother Anifatu Tanimowo Orenaike….Aka Iye Debayo…Iye Owolabi.. Iya Elelo…

Her first trade in Lagos was plank selling @ Ebute Metta which was the business of the happening women in those days.

How she pampered us when we visited Ebute Oni, Ogun Waterside during holidays.

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She was a very hard working mama. Ever neat and meticulous in her dealings.

I and my siblings missed her Yoyo, igangan, Obokun and shalapore fish soup with eba.

She taught us how to savour Ikokore with eba tutu. How to eat Tilapia fish with dexterity even as young lads.

You taught us morals and etiquette. Her slogan was “Do good to everyone that comes your way”.

She was a disciplinarian cos she would allow my daddy to beat us when we go wrong thereafter would put us on her thighs and gift us something from her bag with oriki.

She gave us our most treasured gift during one of our visits. The special Aso Oke that was specially weaved for royalty. She blessed it and placed it in our hands, today those prayers are with us, I cant forget that joyful evening at Iwopin.

Her love for nature, exposure and adventure, took us on a tour of Ebute Oni river, Iwopin river and Iwopin Paper Mill in the 90’s dressed in her Iro and Buba neatly pressed and her iborun to match. Greeted left, right and center.

She never knew her granddaughter would end up being a Tourism Officer someday.

Aishat, (Adenike) Adebambo( Oluwafemi) Adeoluwa, she called Segun, Hector because the name meant so much to her and myself Adewunmi (Beatrice Oluwatoyin) you called us our royal names…Anifatu Iya Baba mi orun re re o.

We will forever miss you in our heart’s. Her love for her nephew the popular Baba Sharpman a.k.a Baba Nepa a.k.a.Daddy Shomolu (late) was second to none and her other siblings Iye Rotimi Eleja and Iye Sheri of blessed memories.

Anifatu Tanimowo Omo Orenaike Omo won ni Ijebu Ode Olode Okuta @ Ita-Ale. Omo baba o ni Goolu (Goldsmith) little wonder she adorned herself in gold ornament.

Our love for fashion came from her too. We love you grandma keep resting in the bosom of your creator.

Iya ni Iya baba mi. Miss you sooooooooooo ……

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Mustapha Oluwatoyin Beatrice


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