Hate Him or Love Him, He Will Say His Mind- Tribute To Prof.C.Aboluwoye



What a day -9th April, 2020!

The sun set at dawn, the brilliant academic, political strategist, public affairs analyst, fighter and lover of progress for ALL left suddenly without bidding family, friends, associates and colleagues a farewell!

Prof. C. Olu Aboluwoye was a man who accomplishes task with unorthodox methods.

He bulldozes his way to his target with the foresight of an eagle and the bravery of a lion.

He led the Faculty of Science with an uncommon zeal when selflessness was still a virtue!

As a sitting Dean, he was preoccupied with how to grow the human capital of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko.

You could ONLY see his smile and enjoy his goodwill if you were making tangible progress in your academic pursuit, bagged the doctorate decree or had enough papers that could earn you promotion to the next cadre on the career ladder.


He was so passionate about his academic and administrative duties that he gets to the office from Akure, five minutes to eight every morning.

As his Sub-Dean, we would meet and pushed out memos on issues before 8.30am-what a dedicated man!

I am not sure Professor Aboluwoye could live for one hour without discussing issues of Akungba or governance in the Sunshine State!

If there was a brave and courageous fighter, Prof. Olu Aboluwoye was one.

You could tell where he belong on a matter at any time – no pretense of any sort.

Hate him or love him, he will say his mind.

Death has denied mankind another progressive icon!

His desire was to see Adekunle Ajasin University fulfill its mandate and potentials. We shall miss him greatly!

The Department of Chemical Sciences-your baby; Faculty of Science- your constituency; Adekunle Ajasin University-your passion; Ondo State- your vision; bids you farewell!

We love you but God loves you best. Rest on Professor Christopher Olumuyiwa Aboluwoye!

Prof. Alaba Gbadamosi


Written by

Yinka  Folorunsho Fadayomi (Philantropist, Web and IT Consultant and Speaker)



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