Fathers’ In Out: Remebering Ile-Oluji’s Illustrious Son- Samuel Fanikasi, From The Lens Of His Dear Son, Gbenga

Gbenga Fanikasi is one of Nigeria’s fast rising  finance expert and entrepreneurs with special interest in agricultural sector. With a background in Accountancy from the famous Adekunle Ajasin Univeristy, Gbenga has shown great commitment to the industry, working in various organisations such as SCOA Nigeria PLC, then VDT Communications Ltd, Eko support services Ltd, Aim consultant Ltd and also with Chi Ltd.

With integrity as his watch word, Gbenga looks back at the fond memories he had with his father, Mr Samuel Fanikasi, whose influence had made him the man of integrity he is.

LOM: Kindly describe your dad as you wish others to know?

My Dad, Akinpemi Samuel Olufunwa Fanikasi was very humble person that accommodate everyone without any bias for age, sex or tribe. As he was so accommodating, there is nothing he cannot give. Apparently, he was not greedy person. As community man, he so much love his town, Ile –oluji that he always talked about the town positively.

LOM: How many years did you spend with him and what was his favorite nickname for you? 

I spent most of my life with him before he died, even when I relocated to Lagos I  communicated with often with him

LOM: What do you consider your father’s most important value in life?

Integrity, he cherished integrity

LOM: Describe your father’s character and personality in three words?

Humble, integrity and knowledgeable.

LOM: Which day spent with him remains your most unforgettable moment?

I have many memorable events with my Dad, but the Day  I remembered most is the when he about to depart this world , he kept giving many advices on ways of life, and all those advice has been part of my watchword today.

LOM: What was his favorite color, music and mantra?

My dad is no a color man, but  he loved  Sunny Ade  music very well,  and he mantra is   “always remember whom son you are”

LOM: What is the most significant impact your dad has  had in your life?

My Dad inspired me to be political conscious, and he his character influence me to be contented and not greedy.  And much is the education

LOM: If you haven’t started, what are your plans to honour his memory?

I and my sibling we have big project in offing, the project is to establish a national library standard  to encourage people to read and enlighten their minds.

LOM: Is there anything you wish you had said to him before he died?

There is a question that I will like to ask him, why he like his relative so much even at is own discomfort.


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