Everthing is Dust- A Moving Tribute In Honour Of Paul Owoeye


(In memory of Paul Owoeye Olusanya)

Dust lives daily in dust
And he is filled with happiness

Dust dines on delicious meal of dust
And he calls it enjoyment

Dust, at school, gets a degree of dust
And he calls it success

Dust, at work, earns some wards of dust
And he calls it reward

Dust has a wardrobe of dust
And he beams with smiles

Dust, in functions, spends a mint of dust
And he is dancing

Dust falls in love with dazzling dust
And he becomes so excited

Dust has a fleet of dust
And he becomes so happy

Dust builds an edifice of dust
And he throws a big party.

Dust travels around the whole wide dust

And he calls it fulfilment

Dust, someday, returns to dust
And his spirit returns to his maker.

(C) *Blessing Awoniyi*, September 4th, 2019.


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