Courage, I Am Delighted I Met You


Courage, you are an exceptionally kind soul…very selfless and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy.

Your love for God was expressed in the way you serviced wholeheartedly at the Technical and Drama Departments of Living Faith Church Woji Port Harcourt.

You were also a dedicated Homecell Leader. Very respectful and a faithful friend. Your boy Darasimi…

“Simi” as you always call him will never know you have left this world to be with the Lord...cos I can’t find words to make him understand.

Courage…I am not glad you left so soon, but I am rest assured that you are in the sweet and peaceful bosom of the Most High God.

I never knew the last time we had a chat will be the last moment we’ll share here on earth.

I am delighted I met you and we were friends…i am also pleased I always told you and made you realize how special you are…you forever remain alive in our hearts and your good works are ingrained and indelible.

We greatly love you Courage and will surely miss you….God loves you much more than we do….

May your soul rest in Peace in the magnanimous bosom of the Lord.


Tolu Lexlopsy Alao


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