Abass Struck Me As A Very Unassuming Yet Highly Intelligent Fellow.

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My heart goes out to his family and every other person who’ve had a connection with him.

I first met Abass when I was introduced to him as my liasion officer between Automedics and LACVIS at the time we were starting out our radio partnership appearance with Automedics on Traffic Radio.

Abass struck me as a very unassuming yet highly intelligent fellow. I would later be elated to know that one of his daughters is my namesake.

For two years, anytime I visited Automedics @ LTV complex, I was always on the look out for him. The last I saw him was when he was a part of the Autocheck team that visited LACVIS for a meeting. I never knew he had left Automedics.”No, I’m still with Automedics in a way he said. In fact, I’m a director there”.I was glad he was still part of the Automedics family and I wished him good luck with his venture.

Seeing his demise announced on Facebook was a rude shock to me. I called Dr Benedict Okoh and he confirmed. I was sad, devastated and angry at the way an manner the lawlessness of an individual has robbed a man of his future.

I am reminded of the double incidents that happened to my father and husband. Both are victims of a bike accident, where incidentally, they both were not on the bike but the bikes rammed into them.

My husband, then fiancĂ©, became maimed for life. A very tall, fair and handsome man now walks with unsteady gait because his two legs were broken at the spot and wasn’t properly set at the point of healing.

My father fared no better. A very active man became incapacitated for life after a brain surgery sent his life on a downward spiral. But Abass paid the ultimate price and I can only wish his family and friends the fortitude to bear the loss.


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